About us

Hold by tree entrepreneurs and experimented engineers e-attract is above all a team full of different peronnalities and complementary competences who create coherence and cohesion in the action to reach a common vision

Our vision

Territories face many local, national and global issues that bring them to redesign their planning.

Illustrated city
An urbanised world

We live in a world where urbanisation is galloping. In France, 80% of the population lives in an urban area.

Household of 3 people on a directional arrow
A strong residential mobility

Each year in France, there are 3 million of moves, being 10% of the population.

Servers and binary writing with an up arrow
An advent of data

Through European directives that oblige territories to open their data to citizens – open data.

The planet earth with a great sun in the background
Environmental issues

Such as climate change that push territories to have a perspective of environmental and social durability.

Diagram of a large and a small territory going in opposite directions
Unequal territories in competition

Territories move differently: some win, others lose. Facing with an increasing competition, each territory must be able to enhance its strengths to stay in the race.

A stamp with the shape of a territory but not adapted for the two other territories
A temptation to standardise territories

Each territory is different. And yet we try to repeat solutions which work elsewhere. Each solution must be designed for the territory according to citizens’ expectations, territories and their projects.

Facing with these issues, it seems obvious that the dynamic relation that binds the different elements of a territory must be redesigned. And we strongly believe that data have a key role to play in it. 

Cities can’t be designed by town planners and engineers only. Citizens must be at the core of territorial planning decisions.
We believe the future of the city and territories is focused on citizens: the expression of their needs and expectations will be a solid base for a development model of smart cities.

Our mission

Put citizens at the core of smart territories’ planning.

Improve durably citizens' life

and help them in their key decisions. Simply, make their life easy.

Create a personalised citizen-territory relation

thanks to data, to develop smarter territories and to put citizens at the core of territorial decision making.

Our core business

e-attract is at the intersection of human sciences, territories and new technologies.


We gather a full range of skills (town planning, economics, geography, social sciences, law…) in order to guarantee a comprehension of territorial systems that enable the design of robust solutions.


We collect and defragment data in order to give a full representation of territories at the finest scales. We enhance data and models from public research.


Our expertise of territories and their systems of operators enable to accompany each of our stakeholders (regional government, companies, citizens) for aligned answers to their issues.

Our partners

They belong to our ecosystem.

LAET Laboratory, Development, Economy, Transport
Baseline laboratory on transport, urban planning and economics issues.
Pulsalys, SATT Lyon, St Etienne
SATT Lyon St Etienne (Accelerator of Technology Transfer).
Experts in foresight and attractiveness for public and private actors of territories.

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